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PRISSM (Partnership of Regional Institutions for Sage Scrub Monitoring)

The Partnership of Regional Institutions for Sage Scrub Monitoring (PRISSM) ( is a multi-institutional effort to establish long-term bio-monitoring programs in California sage scrub (CSS) fragments throughout southern California. PRISSM’s goals are to (1) enhance collaboration among researchers and land managers of natural area/reserve/biological field station directors/managers tasked with managing CSS fragments and among the researchers that study this ecosystem; and (2) carry out bio-monitoring programs that support and enhance current and future research in CSS throughout Southern California. Bio-monitoring protocols document and assess changes in diversity and phenology of plants, butterflies, birds, and other vertebrates. Currently, bio-monitoring efforts are being conducted at three sites – Robert J. Bernard Field Station (lead institution), Voorhis Ecological Reserve, and the North Etiwanda Preserve. We welcome more collaboration and additional sites.

PRISSM Director: Wallace (Marty) Meyer III